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The 'everything map'
Build, find, and connect services

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What we do...

Neuron is an opensource public network for building, finding, and connecting services.​

Our mission is to improve the performance, cost and robustness of service networks, and to reduce the risks associated with using intermediaries.

Neuron can support a range of dePIN use cases including physical resource networks such as flight tracking, digital resource networks such as video streaming, and human resource networks such as food delivery.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more!

How it works

The Neuron SDK turns every device into a node in its global network. This allows users to buy and sell services from one another without the need for an intermediary:



Service Discovery

Customer software applications can discover devices and services via the Neuron network explorer.



Connect to Services

Customer software applications connect to service providers directly (peer-to-peer) via UDP.



Pay for Services

Customers pay service providers using an escrow service to help protect their money and ensure service levels are met.



Protect the Service

In the case of a dispute, our dispute resolution service can be called upon to decide on clearance of a payment.


Building on the Neuron network provides software applications and their users with a series of advantages over traditional server based networks.



Our serverless architecture, which is architected the same as peer-to-peer gaming, provides users with near real time connection speeds, and latencies less than 1/10 of a server-based network.



Running global networks of servers can be expensive. By building software applications on Neuron you can reduce infrastructure costs, allowing you to be more competitive within the market.



By removing single points of failure from the network, building on Neuron provides a much more robust connection to services, resulting in higher security, safety and availability



Decentralised network ownership reduces counterparty risk, eliminating the risk of censorship and acquisition. Neuron allows you to integrate services into your software with confidence.


4dsky is an opensource flight tracking application that combines data from the Neuron network to track aircraft right the way down to ground level.

It's mission is to improve safety for all airspace users, and help integrate new airspace users such as drones and air taxis into our skies.

Data can be accessed via the web application and via APIs. Self hosted options via the Neuron SDK are available for those with complex requirements.

Visit for more details.

Other Use Cases

Neuron SDK can support a vast range of new use cases including:

A sensor on a rooftop representing a physical resource that can provide services on the Neuron public network

Physical Resources

Such as environmental, wireless communication, geospatial, mobility and energy services. 

A server rack representing a digital resource that can provide services on the Neuron public network

Digital Resources

Such as data storage, indexing, video streaming, machine learning and VPN services.

A food delivery driver representing a human resource that can provide services on the Neuron public network

Human Resources

Such as ridesharing, food delivery, home cleaning and web/ media services

Please get in touch to find out about integrating new use cases.

Latest News

Our Team

Neuron's team comprises of experts in web3, engineering, aviation, & finance.

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