A Ground Based Detect & Avoid Network

Helping you to safely integrate drones and air taxis into shared airspace

What we do

Our passion is working with businesses and organizations to enable them to use drones, bringing a whole host of benefits to them, from cost savings through to the ecological benefits of using electric vehicles. We want to see a world where drones are safely flying beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), and are used to their full potential as a way to provide better, faster and cheaper logistics to businesses globally.

We get data from drone ground control stations, aircraft transponders, and airports, and bring this into one place using Neuron's software. Airspace users can then see all other aircraft in near-real time, creating a safe, secure, trusted airspace picture.

By collaborating with all industrial partners who host network nodes we are building a community of interest with high levels of network trust, resilience and security. This approach develops a market with fairly represented data providers and data consumers that are enabled to fly beyond visual line of sight in drone zones. When you work with us, you can be sure that you are working with a company that is committed to your success.

Shared Airspace Zones

A Shared Airspace Zone is unique, as by building a network of ground-based sensors, there can be enduring permission for planes and drones to coexist safely.

When a plane, helicopter, drone or other aircraft enters a Shared Airspace Zone, they must be transmitting their location using one of the many broadcast methods widely available to them. This means that drones can effectively detect and avoid other aircraft even when the pilot can't physically see the skies.

For businesses and Local Authorities there is now a path to widespread deployment of drones. This offers benefits to the local economy, and the environmental benefits of reduced road transit are crucial to a greener future. Local business owners can utilise drones to aid in logistics, or they could be a part of our sensor-network and bring data into our marketplace for even greater safety.

Contact us to learn more about how we can all work together to help you deliver a future drone capability.

How do I get involved?


Fly your drone within one of our shared airspace zones, beyond visual line of sight


Deploy a sensor into our network, and get paid for your data based on usage


Manufacturers can integrate their drone, UTM or sensor using our intuitive APIs


Run a node to earn revenues, and help secure the network against malicious attacks

Industry Beneficiaries

Healthcare - Drones are important in both speed of deployment, and also in creating a regular service provision for multiple possible use cases. This is not only hospitals but care homes, pharmacies, GPs and other logistic suppliers that is all about bringing healthcare into the home and not overloading the current systems that exist and in a post-Covid landscape will result in millions of delays to hospital appointments.

Construction - Drone technology is on the verge of becoming a trusted, well-governed, and essential tool for the construction and infrastructure industries. It can help deliver on strategic government plans for the arteries of transportation (roads, rail, ports, and energy infrastructure) but also by collaborating in organisations such as COMIT2Drones like-minded specialists can support drones by promoting best practices and new innovations.

Local Airports - The Covid-19 pandemic has understandably decimated the aviation industry. Through the Government's Airfield Development and Advisory Fund airports sought help with diversifying their revenue streams and improving their financial performance - through improving airport planning, increasing community engagement, and with advice on greening businesses. Neuron's solution delivers an agenda with green, safe, and commercially viable new revenue streams.

Industry Partners

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With change comes the challenge of maintaining fair access to airspace for the General Aviation community with its wide range of users from balloonists, to gliders, light sports aircraft and more. There is an industry movement towards Electronic Conspicuity but this is not fully in place yet. Neuron believes all users need to be brought into these discussions so that the whole sector is driving solutions and that we don't allow unwanted regulations to be imposed on any one group. As a result Neuron is collaborating with the development of an exciting new body which will develop a single voice for those who are actually using the airspace.

Our Neuron Governance Council is responsible for ensuring common integration, data, development and performance standards for all users of Neuron's technologies and comprises those parties that want to be involved in setting the standards for interoperability, and are willing to host a node.

In the longer term the aim is for network members to also agree the charging mechanism for the service, in order to ensure the highest standards of network fairness and transparency. Contact us if you are interested in participating.

Contact us to learn more about how we can all work together to deliver a future drone capability.