About us

Neuron is a London-based technology company that is building a network to enable all aircraft to fly cooperatively in the sky with each other in real-time, through decentralised sensor networks to power the next generation of connected vehicles and systems.

As the numbers and variety of flying vehicles increases over the next few years with more and more drones and urban air mobility vehicles alongside traditional aviation the challenge of seeing all these objects in the sky only becomes harder.

The data infrastructures needed to solve these challenges is becoming the main problem and is blocking the development of industry. Previously single companies would run those infrastructures themselves. However this creates problems around monopolisation, censorship and trust, and inevitably leads to multiple networks, increased costs and increased waste.

Our solution enables large ecosystems of companies and users to create collaborative data infrastructures together and share the benefits. They are able to do this in a way where trust, fairness and resilience comes as standard, yet are able to compete for business in any normal healthy economy.

For some ecosystems this can reduce costs and waste by as much as 80%, helping to reduce carbon emissions and build a greener, more sustainable world for future generations.

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