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About Us

Building a Decentralised platform for the benefit
of the community

Neuron was founded on the premise that no single organisation can bring about the change needed in a complex world of vehicles, currently with a driver on board, but in the future automated, and with a myriad of different sensors to observe them.

The problem originates with trust.  We need a trusted third party solution that doesn’t aspire to being a monopoly, but embraces all stakeholders in their ecosystem, and allows them to participate in the decision making of the network they are involved with.  

This philosophy guides us to unlock the benefits of a decentralised solution for automation and mobility with partner organisations in their respective ecosystem.


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Our approach

Mission Statement

Neuron integrates automated and autonomous vehicles and their ecosystems in order to accelerate adoption of their wider benefits to society and the planet.

Neuron's objectives

Integrate drones, air taxis and other automated vehicles alongside manned aircraft safely and securely.

Deploy a decentralised network administered by industry participants and relevant stakeholders to ensure fairness and transparency.

Advice regulatory acceptance on the safety-critical infrastructure, data and systems for the decentralised platform.


Vision Statement

We want to empower people with democratised data, and value your connections, not exploit them. We are the custodians of your data, and via technology and governance councils we offer legitimacy and trust on which others can build a powerful future.

Our values

Neuron is changing the market for transportation data services through our market-leading technology, clarity of thinking, and in the transparency, honesty, and integrity of our service.

Through our best-in-class approach, we enshrine values of honesty, integrity, fairness, and trust. This approach will allow us to democratize aviation, achieve beyond visual line of sight drone flights and to integrate other digital platforms into their existing environments.

We are open, transparent and honest in everything we do. This is a key tenant of how the business works where communication with all parties is vitaly important.

By submitting the business to the decision-making of our Technical/Governing Council we cede authority in order to gain credibility and market traction.


Aleks Kowalski

Business development and regulatory lead

Niall Greenwood

Operations lead

James Dunthorne

Concept lead

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