About Neuron

Neuron Innovations is bringing aviation safety to the forefront of the drone industry by lowering costs and helping to integrate flying objects. Using data fusion technology to build a mesh network, aviation surveillance as a service can help drones seamlessly integrate into existing airspace. Our mission is to create a fully integrated aviation surveillance as a service solution that prevents the risk of collisions due to drones and air taxis, enabling your use cases.

Mission Statement

Neuron's mission is to enable the next generation of autonomous air vehicles in order to benefit society and the environment.​

​Neuron's objectives are to:​

​1) Safely integrate drones and flying taxis alongside manned aircraft. ​

2) Build a network owned by industry participants and run in their interest

3) Offer a safety critical system of systems that is internationally accepted by regulators

Vision Statement

We want to empower people with democratised data, and value your connections, not exploit them.​ ​We are the custodians of your data, via technology and governance councils we offer legitimacy and trust on which others can build a powerful future.

Our Values

  • Neuron is changing the market for aviation data services through our market-leading technology, clarity of thinking, and in the transparency, honesty, and integrity of our service.

  • By submitting the business to the decision-making of our Technical/Governing Council we cede authority in order to gain credibility and market traction.

  • Our core value of Trust is hard-earned, and easily tarnished, or even lost. This is a key tenet of the business itself, where communications are vitally important.

  • Through our best-in-class approach, we enshrine values of honesty, integrity, fairness, and trust. This approach will allow us to achieve our vision of democratizing aviation and our mission of Beyond the Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM), as a key stepping-stone towards the digitization of aviation traffic management.