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TRA Sandbox Announcement, Project BLUEPRINT

TRA Sandbox Announcement, Project BLUEPRINT        In collaboration with Cranfield Airport, Project BLUEPRINT has been selected to take part in the UK (United Kingdom) Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Temporary Reserved Area (TRA) Regulatory Sandbox, which will allow us … Read More

AIRTAXI World Congress 2022

AIRTAXI World Congress AIRTAXI World Congress 2022 AIRTAXI World Congress was first held in 2019 in London and rotates annually between international host countries.  AIRTAXI world congress 2022 was held in Istanbul on 13-15 September.  Representatives of leading companies operating … Read More

“” interview with Neuron COO Niall Greenwood

“” interview with Neuron COO Niall Greenwood Neuron is building global sensory nervous system using community networks. What does this mean? Well, we are all familiar with the Internet of Things and these technologies are now becoming real, often enabled by … Read More

Project Blueprint Launches

Project Blueprint Future Flight Phase 3 The aviation industry has been beset with the problem of how to integrate drones Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) into the national airspace system for over a decade. Regulators, internationally, worried at the risk … Read More


Critical Infrastructure Resilience Integrated Aviation System CIRIAS is a programme to develop an integrated end-to-end ‘system of systems’ to enable unmanned drones to fly long range missions Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), with the aim of sustaining critical UK … Read More


Drone project takes off with share of £30 million UK Government grant Advanced Traffic Organisation and Management of Intelligent Cargo Unmanned Systems An ambitious research and development project backed by Cirium, the global aviation analytics company, has received financial funding … Read More

Aviation Innovation in the SW

Aviation Innovation in the South West Project to explore feasibility of electric air taxis in the South West in partnership with Vertical Aerospace and Atkins 26th January 2021 Neuron are delighted to announce its involvement in a ground breaking project to … Read More


MediDrone Improving Distribution, Reducing Transmission, Saving Lives COVID-19 has left many vulnerable people, such as cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, under strict lockdown, and at significant risk if they become infected. ​ Some types of medication are time critical and … Read More

Your Global Decentralised Sensor Network

Your global decentralised sensor network Powered by Hedera Hashgraph Thanks for attending the Hedera webinar. Subscribe to our mailing list below to stay up to date with important information. Under Neuron’s ESG priorities we are focused on bringing in green … Read More

New Funding Can Unlock a £42bn Industry

Neuron supports the deployment of Electronic Conspicuity in order to enable the UK drone economy. According to a report done by PwC, the drone economy can be worth up to £42 billion in the UK by 2030. Due to the … Read More