Drone Surveillance Network

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Neuron enables the safe separation of manned and unmanned aircraft, by enabling transponder mandatory zones and deploying ground based sensor networks such as ADS-B and Flarm. A secure surveillance feed fuses data from multiple sources to enable a range of scalable BVLOS applications for drones including medical delivery, cargo delivery, linear infrastructure inspections and Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

The surveillance feed can be connected to drone systems, and unmanned traffic management systems so that intelligent decisions can be made during flight, without a pilot maintaining visual line of sight. The network is sensor agnostic, and is therefore able to provide a complete airspace picture to its users. Drones send data through the network via onboard transponders or via their telemetry links

How do i get involved?


Fly your drone within one of our transponder mandatory zones, beyond visual line of sight


Deploy a sensor into our network, and get paid for your data based on usage


Manufacturers can integrate their drone, UTM or sensor using our intuitive APIs


Run a node to earn revenues, and help secure the network against malicious attacks

A national sensor network is currently being built in the UK, and we are working with a range of household names to help make this happen. We are looking for partners who share our vision for a fair, shared airspace for all

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