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Neuron Beta Launch

Become a part of aviation history!


1) How will loyalty points be calculated?

Loyalty points will be earnt by contributing good quality data to the network. You should ensure your sensor has a good view of the sky, and is connected to the network at all times to maximise the number of points you earn. If you try spoofing data, we may terminate your involvement in the beta program (unless you tell us before hand and we agree to a bug bounty!). We reserve the right to improve the points algorithm during this beta program to ensure it is fit for purpose. We really do appreciate beta program participants, and so we will do everything we can in terms of guidance to ensure you earn the maximum amount of points.

2) When will you be launching a token?

We plan to launch a token when we transition the project to Hedera mainnet. We anticipate this to be around September/ October 2024, however there are a lot of variables that could affect this timing. We will do our very best to meet this timescale, but please bear with us! Upon mainnet launch, eligible points holders will be airdropped tokens proportional to the number of loyalty points they have earnt during the beta program. We will reward beta program participants generously for their help.

3) Can I integrate my own sensor?

Currently, the only sensor that will be part of this beta program will be the Jetvision Airsquitter. You will need to buy the sensor from us so that we can flash the Neuron SDK software onto the sensor beforehand. In the future, you will be able to buy the sensor directly from the manufacturer. We make no money on selling these sensors to you. In fact we are making a small loss on each sensor. If you have another sensor you wish to integrate, feel free to contact us and we can discuss the idea with you.

4) How long will it take to receive my sensor?

The sensors have already been purchased, and we anticipate to receive the sensors in the first 2 weeks of May from the manufacturer. You should receive your sensor before the end of May (postage permitting)! We will update you if there are any delays, but we don't expect anything major since we already have a number of sensors in stock.

Please message us on Discord if you have any further questions.

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