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Neuron Beta Launch

Become a part of aviation history!

Sensor Installation & Setup

Please check the contents of your package upon receipt. You should have the following items:


  • Jetvision sensor

  • Power cable with worldwide adapters

  • Wi-fi antenna

  • Ethernet cable

  • 2 x antenna cables

  • 1 x 1090mhz combined ADS-B + GNSS antenna

  • Either 1 x 978mhz antenna (US customers) or 1 x 868mhz antenna (rest of world)

  • 2 x mounting brackets

  • Documentation

If you are missing any of these items, please contact us at:

You will need to acquire your own attachment pole or post to mount the antennae. Please reach out via Discord in the beta channel if you are unsure about what might work.

Sensor Installation

Before you start….you will need to decide where to put your sensor and antennas.


The sensor should be located in an environment that:

  • Is ideally indoors

  • Is shielded from the rain

  • Has temperature  between 0 and +60C

  • Is close to your internet router

  • Is close to power

  • Is unlikely to be tampered with


Both antennae should be located in an environment that:

  • Is high up

  • Has good 360 degree view of the sky

  • Within 10-15m of your sensor

  • Has temperature  between -30C to +60C

When installing your antennae please refer to the following instructions from the manufacturer:


Sensor Setup

To setup the sensor, please refer to the manufacturer's manual which can be accessed here:

Connecting to Neuron

Please refer to the following video to connect your sensor to Neuron:

To access this page you will need to visit:

http://{my-sensors-IP-address}:1337 (e.g.

You can find your sensor IP address by following the instructions in the sensor setup above :)

Connecting to 4DSKY

If your device data is not showing in 4DSKY straight away, it is because we messed up! We're sorry about that. The units should have been loaded with a commercial licence by the manufacturer, but we didn't check this before shipping. Lesson learnt!

You can easily check if the commercial licence is installed. Navigate to your sensors' home page http://{my-sensors-ip-address}. If it is missing the commercial licence, you will see this at the top:


To connect the units to 4DSKY, you will need the commercial licence installed. This is included free of charge with the device. To make this process simple, we'll load it for you:

  1. Turn on remote support. Go-to the following web address:

  2. Login within your password if it asks you (same as before)

  3. Click "enable" to enable remote support. You are done!

(Note: if you have changed your device password, please either change it back to default until we have completed this step, or send us the password via Discord (open a ticket))


We will now load the commercial licence for you. This may take a day or two, so please bear with us.


We will let you know once the commercial licence has been loaded for you via email.

Please raise a ticket on Discord, or email us if you experience any problems. Thanks

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