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Enabling drones and aircraft to fly together

Bringing together sensors, vehicles and management systems.

This benefits everyone

A ground based sensor network to detect all aircraft in the sky

Benefits current and new industry participiants

By joining the platform, you can work with others in your community to shape the rules and standards, for the benefits of your users

Drone operators

Drone manufactures

The distributed platform has fail safes built in as standard, providing high resilience to DDOS attacks and system failures, giving you confidence


The platform can handle very high data throughput with high network speeds, allowing you to build almost any real time application

Local Government

The efficiencies of the network mean that energy costs are kept low, and network fees are minimal, allowing you to provide more for less

Legal Audit Trail

All data transactions through the platform are fully auditable by a 3rd party, giving you the legal backing you need when you need it most

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Neuron works with multiple partners across all aviation. Click here to look at some of our current projects.

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