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AIRTAXI World Congress

AIRTAXI World Congress 2022

AIRTAXI World Congress was first held in 2019 in London and rotates annually between international host countries.  AIRTAXI world congress 2022 was held in Istanbul on 13-15 September.  Representatives of leading companies operating in the aviation industry participated in the AIRTAXI World Congress. More than 300 international companies operating in different fields in the aviation industry participated in this event organized by Global Travel Investment (GTI).

Urban Air Mobility is rapidly becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. Companies operating in this field are building the future of cities and are designing a new transportation model. eVTOLs (electric Vertical Take-Off & Landing) aircraft, also known as ‘air taxis’ are seen as key to future air mobility. They offer new business opportunities for airlines, airports, technology companies and infrastructure companies, etc.

The latest opportunities and challenges facing the air mobility of the future were discussed at this congress. The panels were held for 2 days with the participation of the representatives of companies operating in key industries in this field. Industry representatives shared their views on the steps to be taken to ensure the global success of the industry and answered questions from the participants on these issues.

What Was Discussed?

  • Uncrewed and Remote Traffic Management (UTM/RTM) systems
  • Latest updates in communications systems to enable air taxis
  • What insurance is needed to operate a vertiport? Insurance for vehicles, operators and for airfields
  • What is the hardware component for air traffic control on the ground, is it an antennae system or a system using cell towers?
  • What are the standards for charging eVTOLs?
  • How air traffic control will work?
  • eVTOL accidents – key lessons learned
  • Human-piloted air taxis verses fully autonomous aircraft

New Opportunities, New Partnerships, for the Air Mobility of the Future.

In addition to the panels and Q&A content of the congress program, the reason that makes the AIRTAXI World Congress the must-visit event of the year in aviation is the unlimited business opportunities thanks to the 1-to-1 prescheduled private meetings that ensure return on investment.

Niall Greenwood

World’s First
Vertical Airshow

On September 15, the last day of the Congress, the international vertical air show took place in Bilişim Vadisi. An electric, autonomous air taxi performed a demo flight at the World’s only vertical air show, AIRTAXI World Congress. The airshow of AIRTAXI and autonomous aircraft attracted great attention from the audience.

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