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Under Neuron’s ESG priorities we are focused on bringing in green aviation and logistics solutions to assist the journey to carbon net-zero by 2050. Please see the following video where Dr. Leemon Baird explains the fantastic reductions in electricity consumption that Hedera Hashgraph is bringing to the market.
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TRA Sandbox Announcement, Project BLUEPRINT

TRA Sandbox Announcement, Project BLUEPRINT        In collaboration with Cranfield Airport, Project BLUEPRINT has been selected to take part in the UK (United Kingdom) Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Temporary Reserved Area (TRA) Regulatory Sandbox, which will allow us … Read More

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UFO DATUM Project Dronamics and Neuron demonstrator

Uncrewed Flying Objects: Many hands make flights work DATUM The ability to develop new technology to combat climate change and operate more sustainably in isolation is dwindling, fast. Collaboration is central to expanding the sector.  DATUM – Digital Air Traffic … Read More

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AIRTAXI World Congress 2022

AIRTAXI World Congress AIRTAXI World Congress 2022 AIRTAXI World Congress was first held in 2019 in London and rotates annually between international host countries.  AIRTAXI world congress 2022 was held in Istanbul on 13-15 September.  Representatives of leading companies operating … Read More

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“beststartup.co.uk” interview with Neuron COO Niall Greenwood

“beststartup.co.uk” interview with Neuron COO Niall Greenwood Neuron is building global sensory nervous system using community networks. What does this mean? Well, we are all familiar with the Internet of Things and these technologies are now becoming real, often enabled by … Read More

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Project Blueprint Launches

Project Blueprint Future Flight Phase 3 The aviation industry has been beset with the problem of how to integrate drones Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) into the national airspace system for over a decade. Regulators, internationally, worried at the risk … Read More

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uAvionix PingStation3

Neuron to Embed uAvionix PingStation3 in Ground Based Detect and Avoid network uAvionix Today announced that Neuron Innovations Ltd, developers of a ground based Detect and Avoid network to accelerate the adoption of automated and autonomous vehicles, has started deploying uAvionix … Read More

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