New Funding Can Unlock a £42bn Industry - Neuron Innovations New Funding Can Unlock a £42bn Industry - Neuron Innovations

Neuron supports the deployment of Electronic Conspicuity in order to enable the UK drone economy. According to a report done by PwC, the drone economy can be worth up to £42 billion in the UK by 2030.

Due to the increase in demand and regulatory changes, there has been a call for a “Minister for Drones” to oversee the growth of the drone economy. In a report – Digitise the Skies – published by The Entrepreneurs Network, an investment of just £10 million would enable all recreational aircraft in the UK to become “electronically conspicuous” (visible to other aircraft) → making it key to unlocking the full £42 billion potential contributions of drone technology to the UK economy.

The aviation industry is calling for a form of airspace integration – an overwhelming 95% of participating general aviation pilots in the CAA’s first Virtual Voyage General Aviation Summit voted in favour of an Electronic Conspicuity system to an interoperable recognised standard.

Solving the EC issue is essential as said by the author of Digitise the Skies – Sam Dumitriu:

“Rolling out UTM at scale, in other words, is downstream of ensuring that everything flying in shared airspace is electronically conspicuous. Drones themselves are already required to be electronically conspicuous, and the CAA has set standards to that effect. To move forward, however, recreational flyers need to be electronically conspicuous too.”

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