Future of Flight

Who are Neuron?

Neuron was founded by one of the UK’s leading professionals in developing Operational Safety Cases (OSC’s) for drone operations and is led by three highly experienced sector professionals comprising of James Dunthorne, our OSC expert, Aleks Kowalski, an experienced airline Captain who previously founded a drone training and SaaS company and Niall Greenwood, who has many years of military surveillance, airspace management and ATC experience. The whole team at Neuron are not only innovators, but are seasoned in working within the aviation sector, connecting with relevant stakeholders and commercial partners and managing technical and commercial projects at a high level. Working with Neuron means being part of the UK’s only federated sensor network system - meaning all commercial parties can integrate safely together, supported by a business which is rapidly advancing aviation.

Neuron’s technology is a key part of making our airways safe for multiple users while flying BVLOS, and Neuron works with a wide range of other organisations to support this mission, understanding that permanent change comes about through true partnership working and collaboration, with a keen focus on achieving the end goal.

What can Neuron bring to your Future of Flight project?

Neuron has already been working across Phase 2 of the Future of Flight programme, not only as part of three large consortium projects, but also as a subcontractor. There are a number of services we can provide to your organisation, which are summarised below:

  • Neuron is building shared airspace zones by supporting and delivering the creation of Transponder Mandatory Zones (TMZ’s), where drones and all transponding aircraft can fly in the same airspace

  • The Neuron Network consists of ground-based sensors in order to achieve a Detect-And-Avoid (DAA) capability that the regulator has said they will approve

  • Through the experience and expertise of the staff at Neuron, we can deliver Operational Safety Cases and Airspace Change Proposals with a high level of confidence

Why choose Neuron?

Working with Neuron is crucial to achieving the ultimate goal of safe and enduring flight beyond visual range (commonly also known as BVLOS). However, the real benefit of choosing Neuron is that our technology will integrate with any and all airspace users, sensors and systems.

We want to work with all industry partners, inclusively. Neuron can help to demonstrate a vast number of use cases and link you to end users who can benefit from flight beyond visual range, working with multiple UTM’s and allowing key players to really focus on what they do best. We know that what these enduring capabilities can deliver is market changing, and ultimately will unlock the future of our airspace worldwide. A global, decentralized sensor network is just a small part of the change that is coming, and we are ready to work with you to make this change possible.