Shared airspace zone

Shared airspace zone

Future of aviation

A glimpse into how integrated, shared airspace will be the reality of future skies, and why this matters





Electronic Conspicuity

A way of detecting all devices in a specific block of airspace electronically.

"The future is here now"

Wired Magazine

The aviation industry is calling for a form of airspace integration - an overwhelming 95% of participating general aviation pilots in the CAA’s first Virtual Voyage General Aviation Summit voted in favour of an Electronic Conspicuity system to an interoperable recognised standard.

Why do we need a shared airspace zone?


Currently, aircraft are not electronically aware of what is in their surrounding areas due to this lack of connectivity, manned aircraft risk colliding with drones.


Monitor other aircraft to ensure the security of your flight plan. Multiple network nodes add resilience to communications security.


Drones, unmanned aircraft vehicles and robots can use these smart features to operate autonomously in the future.

£42 billion drone industry in UK by 2030

According to a report by PWC.

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