What do we solve?


Future proof

Air traffic control still operates in an analogue age which is struggling to evolve. Drones and future technologies cannot integrate with current aircraft at low levels which are only seen by big airport radars.

The new era of pilotless aircraft will give us skies 10x busier, which means automation is essential.


Shared Airspace Zones

We deploy low-cost receivers in Shared Airspace Zones (SAZ), which ingest all aircraft positional data and bring it together so others can use it to allow analogue and digital aircraft to fly in integrated airspace.


Technology for safety

Ground-based sensor networks and Neuron’s backend technology provides assurance through a complete airspace picture, that allows aircraft to be safely separated.

“A way to bring vehicles, sensors and software together to benefit everyone”

Developer friendly

Software for the future

Neuron's software is easy to integrate into drone and UTM apps. See how you can integrate Neuron into your infrastructure.

Collaborating with the industry

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